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The Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) was established under the FWSC Act, 2007 (Act 737). The Commission has the mandate to implement the new Government Pay Policy (i.e. Single Spine Pay Policy).

The Fair Wages and Salaries Commission is mandated under section 2 of Act 737 to


  1. Ensure fair, transparent and systematic implementation of the Government public service pay policy;
  2. Develop and advise Government on and ensure that decisions are implemented on matters related to:
    • Salaries, wages, grading, classification
    • Job analysis and job evaluation,
    • Performance management and indicators, and
    • Allowances and benefits in the public service with the ultimate objective of consolidation of the allowances and benefits;
  3. Undertake negotiations where compensation is financed from public funds.


  • Implement public service pay policy, except the determination of emoluments under article 71 of the Constitution
  • Develop and monitor allowances and benefits of public servants and the consolidation of salaries of public servants
  • Undertake job analysis and job evaluations
  • Develop and ensure implementation of grading and classification structures
  • Establish Review requests for the re-grading of positions
  • Co-ordinate, manage and monitor collective bargaining processes in which Government is the direct or indirect employer
  • Develop salary structures for the public service
  • Ensure that the balance of internal consistency, external competitiveness and employee performance are fully reflected in the public service pay system
  • Advise on performance management processes and indicators
  • Develop a mechanism within the public service salary system to attract and retain critical skill
  • Undertake research on salaries, benefits and allowances
  • Review and propose changes to salary related components in enactments, and
  • Perform other functions related to the objects of the Commission


Dr. Edward Kwaapong


Fair Wages & Salaries Commission

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Phone: +233 (0) 302 664 012
Email: info@fairwages.gov.gh
Website: www.fairwages.gov.gh