Ghana Co-operatives Council

Ghana Co-operatives Council

The Ghana Co-operatives Council is the apex body of all Cooperatives in the country and holds the prime aim to promote Cooperative development that leads to job creation and poverty reduction. Its vision is to become the embodiment of viable cooperatives in the Country and thus embark on a mission to develop Cooperatives and other self-help groups.

The organization was registered in 1951 as the Gold Coast Cooperative Federation by the Department of Cooperatives as a non-trading, non-governmental organization. It was re-christened the Alliance of Ghana Cooperatives in 1957. The organization however ceased operation in the early post-independence era due to political interference. It however re-emerged and was re-registered on January 22, 1973 by the Department of Cooperatives as the Ghana Cooperatives Council, a name it maintains today.


To become the embodiment of viable Cooperative apex associations capable of promoting job and wealth creation for the reduction of poverty among members.


The Ghana Cooperatives Council is the supra national body of all Cooperatives in Ghana. It is an independent Apex Organization that provides and develops Cooperatives and other self-help organizations on a sustainable basis. The Council facilitates an enabling environment and provides quality services for the economic and social well being of its members, non-members and communities. The Council upholds the Cooperative principles and values of Democracy, Cooperation and Community development, Honesty, Transparency and Care for its members.


  1. Represents Ghanaian co-operatives nationally and internationally.
  2. Creates and encourages economic development of co-operative enterprises and other self-help entities.  It does so by;
    • Providing business development and advisory services to co-operatives and other self-help bodies
    • Training and education of co-operatives and other groups
  3. Provides information, data and statistical services for co-operatives and other self-help enterprises. Activities here include:
    • Research
    • Collection and Dissemination of information
    • Publicity
  4. Promotes micro-finance operations as an added value to non-financial co-operatives.
  5. Promotes and creates an enabling environment for co-operative development in the country.


Mr. Emmanuel Apua Konamoah

Mr. Emmanuel Apau-Konamoah


Ghana Co-operatives Council
P. O. Box GP 4034.
Accra Ghana

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