Government resolves impasse between (MDPI) and encroachers.

Government resolves impasse between (MDPI) and encroachers.

Government resolves impasse between Management Development and Productivity Institute (MDPI) and encroachers.

Encroachers of the Management Development and Productivity Institute (MDPI) at Baatsona have agreed to have their title deeds regularized to grant them the legitimate rights to the land.

This agreement was reached when the Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, Hon. Ignatius Baffour Awuah (MP), met with stakeholders to engage them on the recommendations made by the 13 multi-stakeholder committee.

It will be recalled that in May 2017, a committee was set up to look into the encroachment of 156.184 acres of land procured by government for MDPI at Baatsona, determine the rightful owners of the land and make recommendations for government consideration.

After 3 months of investigations, the committee’s investigations proved that the lands in question had been officially acquired by government to facilitate the expansion of MDPI.

The Hon. Minister revealed consequently that the MDPI could lawfully confiscate or remove all goods of trespassers from the land, abate any nuisance or terminate any interference caused by trespassers, confiscate, demolish or remove any structure or obstacle on the land and forcefully evacuate encroachers after prior notification of 21 days.

He however pointed out that he did not believe in a confrontational approach to solving the problem but rather using a human faced where engaging with all stakeholders was the only way to solve the issue. He added that the Government had no interest in displacing its citizens.

The Hon. Minister noted that the lands will be evaluated and compared with the current value price so that residents will have the opportunity to buy their lands and register them accordingly.

The residents on the other hand expressed satisfaction about the turn of events and agreed to pay for their land. They however pleaded with the Ministry to be thoughtful in deciding on the prices and the mode of payment since most residents are not high income earners.

The Minister, Hon. Ignatius Baffour Awuah further cautioned the public to accord the greatest respect to state property particularly schools which were of benefit to the citizens of the country.





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