As part of efforts by the Government to establish an online platform to connect job seekers to employment vacancies in both the public and private sectors in the country, the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Honourable Haruna Iddrisu, on Wednesday, 16th November, 2016 briefed the Media on the progress of the Ghana Labour Market Information System (GLMIS) in Accra.

The move, according to the Hon. Minister, aimed among others to establish a reliable and accurate data on employment.

He cited for example that people who log on to the system with their national identification card, would be captured and that would give a kind of true information on the number of job seekers in the country.

The Minister indicated that the System would provide opportunities for job seekers to select their choice of industry, category of jobs and the location of work, adding the System would link to other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and also have an advertisement section for employers and other advertisers. Labour, employment advice and opinion polls among others would not be left out, he said.

The Hon. Minister further explained that, job seekers would know where to look for jobs based on their qualification and the needed skills. Mid–career workers seeking new job opportunities and business owners considering expanding their enterprises would also be provided with useful information.

He revealed the System has been designed for the various industry players in both public and private organizations to post their respective job vacancies, saying this would serve as an important source of future decision making for businesses, academia and skill training institutions in the country.

Hon. Iddrisu stressed that detailed information obtained from the System would be valuable to various organizations including the Ghana Immigration Service, the Ghana Education Service and the Ghana Statistical Service among others.

“The Ghana Statistical Service would now be in a better position to provide accurate unemployment rate in future without any doubt in the minds of Ghanaians” he stressed.

Hon Iddrisu confirmed that, users can have access to the GLMIS on effective from 30th November, 2016.

Source: PAU, MELR


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