Management Development and Productivity Institute

Management Development and Productivity Institute (MDPI)The Management Development and Productivity Institute (MDPI) was established on 26th October, 1967 under a joint Ghana Government, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and International Labour Organisation (ILO) Project.  The Institute replaced its forerunner, the National Productivity Centre (NPC) which had been established in June 1964 as part of the then Planning Commission.  The Legislative Instrument (LI) 1077 of 1st July, 1976 incorporated the Management Development and Productivity Institute as a parastatal.  The Institute was formally handed over to the Ghana Government by the UNDP and ILO in 1977 when the joint sponsorship ended.



The Management Development and Productivity Institute exists to promote increased productivity, in both public and private organizations, to enable them contribute to the growth of the economy on a sustainable basis.

It achieves this through Productivity Improvement Activities, Management Development Programs, Research and Publications and their Dissemination.


In accordance with our mission, the vision of MDPI is A market leader in the development of productivity improvement strategies and the promotion of best management practices.


The three main objectives of the MDPI are as follows:

  1. To embark upon practical aspects of training and problem solving with a view to building up managerial capacity and promoting increased productivity;
  2. To offer Consultancy Services to improve Organizational efficiency and effectiveness; and
  3. To conduct macro/micro economic studies, enquiries and research to determine suitable management techniques and practices to improve and develop the standard of management in all aspects

Functions of MDPI

  1. Organising management training programmes, conferences, workshops and seminars for personnel from all sectors of industry and commerce in various fields – including General Management, Financial Management, Industrial Engineering, Project Management, Marketing Management, Transport Management, Agricultural Management and Construction Business Management;
  2. Providing advisory and consultancy services to all sectors of industry and commerce on solutions of problems with a view to raising the level of efficiency and productivity;
  3. Carrying out studies, enquiries and research in the fields of management development and productivity in co-operation with industry, commerce and organisations with related interest;
  4. Promoting the publication of information collected and the results of studies, enquiries and research in the form of books, periodicals, bulletins, and bibliographies; and
  5. Serving as a center for collecting information on most modern developments in management and organisation and making such information readily and constantly available to those responsible for the running of the national economy


               Mr. Kweku Odame-Takyi


Management Development and Productivity Institute
P.O. Box GP 297,
Accra – Ghana

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