National Vocational Training Institute

In 1967, a tripartite National Manpower Board comprising representatives of the government, employers (Industry) and workers (Labour) was established in order to plan effective development and utilization of human resource in accordance with the expected socio-economic development of the country. After a comprehensive study of the country’s manpower needs and the existing facilities for skill training, the Board requested for assistance from the United Nations Development Programme Special Fund (UNDP/SF) in establishing a national vocational training programme. The first phase of the project which was of four years duration was approved in June 1968 with a total UNDP input of seven hundred and five thousand, four hundred dollars ($ 705,400) and Ghana government counterpart contribution of three hundred and seventy-four thousand cedis (GH₵ 374,000). The UNDP input provided for 240 man-months of expertise in addition to equipment and fellowships.

The plan of operation was signed on 23rd October, 1968 and commencement of operations was authorized on 25th October, 1968 with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) as the executing agency and the then Ministry of Labour, Social Welfare and Co-operatives now Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations as the co-operating agency. An Act of Parliament (No. 351 of 12th January, 1970) was passed to legalize the establishment of the Institute.

Basically, NVTI is mandated to co-ordinate nationwide, all aspects of vocational training including apprenticeship.


“We will provide the best systems of employable TVET skills”.


“To provide demand-driven employable skills and enhance the income generating capacities of basic and secondary school leavers, and such other persons through competency-based Apprenticeship, Master craftsmanship, Testing and Career development”.

Core values
Pursuit of excellence | Teamwork | Respect for all | Truth, honesty and integrity | Cost-effectiveness


According to the Act of Parliament (No. 351 of 12th January 1970) establishing the National Vocational Training Institute, it is to function as follows:

  • To organize apprenticeships, in-plant training and training programmes for industrial and clerical workers and train
  • Instructors and Training Officers required for the purpose.
  • To provide for vocational guidance and career development in industry.
  • To develop training standards and evolve effective trade testing and certification policies and programmes.
  • To initiate a continuing study of the country’s manpower requirements at the skilled worker level.
  • To establish and maintain technical and cultural relations with international organizations and other foreign institutions engaged in activities connected with vocational training.
  • Subject to the provisions of this Act, do all such things as are conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the Institute.





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